About Us & Equality Warriors

Our Mission:
To spread the Courage to change the world with style.
All Change starts with one Person:
Equality by Design was started with one goal in mind: support the brave equality warriors who find the courage to fight for basic human rights, fairness, unbiased treatment, or simply equal opportunities and justice.
Every day we find small and big opportunities to "do the right thing" in our communities, to correct an injustice, or prevent a potentially harmful situation.
The Equality by Design product collection helps community members to
  • build awareness
  • spark critical conversations
  • creates moments of recognition, or
  • simply shows one's support and acceptance.
Join the thousands of "equality warriors" with a fashion statement that supports your convictions, and conveys your courage to impact real change.

Contact Us:
We are a small business, operated by like-minded individuals with one common goal: spread the courage to change the world with style. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we encourage your feedback, suggestions and comments. We'll add additional information as we grow, in the mean time, you can reach us by email on "store (at) equalitybydesign.com".